Monday Tipoff

first off: Our thoughts are prayers go out to Josh Hancock’s family, and the Cardinals

  • I’m not sure if I love Randy Moss as a Patriot, but at that price I can’t blame my Pats for taking a chance. What if this guy can really not be a cancer among his teammates, and he can use his rare talent to help the Pats get back to the Super Bowl. Well for the price that the Pats paid I am willing to find out.
  • I still can’t believe that Heisman winning QB Troy Smith went as the last pick in the 5th round (174). Really the Heisman winning QB can’t play in the NFL. C’mon this guy was a runaway pick for the best player in college football last season. If he performed well in that Championship game vs. Florida he would have been a first rounder. I don’t think you can judge someone, and make that much of a drop in 1 game.
  • The Sox took another from the Yankees. That makes their record 5-1 vs. the Yanks this year. They are 1 Igawa unbelieveable relief appearence from being 6-0 vs. the Yankees. The Boss has to be trying as hard as ever to get Clemens to come to NY.
  • Check out the Playoff Blog for all of your NBA needs. You will find out which team has the best floor in the NBA! If that isn’t a great incentive to read then I don’t know what is.

Rumor has it….

-Trailblazers want Sebastian Telfair back, but Ainge unwilling to part.

-Miami wasn’t kidding when they took Ted Ginn with the 9th overall pick and passed on Brady Quinn (fooled me).

-Golden State fans are slightly excited about the Warriors playoff run

Friday Tipoff

  • Detroit takes a 3-0 series lead vs. the Magic last night in Orlando. Orlando dug their own grave at the end of the first half (see playoff blog). Utah came up with a big win in front of the home crowd last night. Making the Series 2-1 in favor of the Rockets. I’m not going to play like a saw the game and write something about it. Lastly the Suns were beaten by the Kobe show last night in L.A. Don’t expect this to become a trend. Phoenix in 5 still.
  • How about Wily Mo last night. Huge grand slam in the top of the 8th inning off of Chris Ray. Looked like the Sox were in trouble again. Nice pitching performance by Beckett again. Who is now 5-0, and JP picked up his seventh save. By that way that homer by Wily Mo was an absolute bomb.
  • On an even better note the Yanks were shut out last night by Toronto. A.J. Burnett held the Yanks down for 7 innings and then let the Toronto bullpen finish the job.
  • Two great playoff games to watch tonight on ESPN. Bulls @ Heat at 8:00. Big game for the Heat at home. I see Wade going for 30, and Shaq dominating inside. Also the Mavs @ GS at 10:30. Playoffs again in GS should mean a rowdy crowd. If Golden State can pull out a win tonight they will really have Dallas on the ropes. Would hate to see Dallas pull out a win and get momentum.

Rumor has it….

-MLB asks Chase Wright to pitch to all batters in home run derby.

-Mark Prior having another big year, on the DL.

Tuesday Tipoff

  • As noted in the Monday playoff recap by Jason the Pistons and Rockets both increased their series leads to 2-0. The Pistons looked solid throughout, and still let the Magic hang around a little like they did in game 1. In the end Detroit is just the better team. I bet the Magic are wishing they took someone other than J.J. in last year’s draft. Nice win for the Rockets, but I still don’t think that this series is over. Watch for the Jazz to go back to Utah and win at least 1 game.
  • A-Rod still hasn’t cooled off. He hit his 13th and 14th home runs in the Yanks 18th game last night vs. the Rays. Becoming the fastest player ever to reach 14 home runs. Those two homers by A-Rod still weren’t enough to beat a talented Rays team. Final score of 10-8. That Yanks pitching staff looks more like high school team in this first month of the season. Maybe they should look into signing Mel Clark along with Roger Clemens.
  • Tough loss for the Sox last night, but that was to be expected after the incredible weekend. The Jays always seem to give the Sox a tough time. We can never come up with a sweep of them or Baltimore. How about Dontrelle last night. He decided to pitch while his wife Natalie was in labor. He didn’t pitch his best game, but pitched well enough to get a win vs. the Braves. He also chipped in by legging out a triple. At 4-1 he is looking good as my pick for NL Cy Young this year (crossing my fingers).
  • The Canucks fnished off the Dallas Stars last night in NHL playoff action. A 4-1 win in game 7. Dallas had made a nice 2 game run to tie the series at 3-3. With Marty Turco standing on his head in net and producing 2 shut outs. Also in game 7 Trevor Linden tied Wayne Gretzky’s mark of most goals in game 7’s with a total of 6.

Rumor has it…..

-Chris Webber’s knee has been mysteriously cured

-J.J. Redick is not in the running for Rookie of the Year.

-There are NHL playoffs going on right now (go figure).

Monday Tipoff

 Some thoughts from a great sports weekend.

  • The NBA playoffs got underway in typical fashion. Great atmospheres and some interesting game 1’s. Check out the NBA playoff recap today on the zip. A lot of people saying that Miami is in trouble after that loss to the Bulls, but I think that it is Dallas who will have a tougher go of it in the first round.
  • Great showdown between Rivals Cubs and Cards yesterday at Wrigley. The Cards won a thriller in 10 innings. Pujols came up with a huge 3 run homer in the 10th after closer Jason Isringhausen had blown a 2 run lead in the ninth. Not what sweet Lou was looking for, but I still have faith in this Cubs squad.
  • Sticking with baseball Barry Bonds hit his 740th homer yesterday, and now sits just 15 shy of Hank’s record. You have to be impressed with the 42 year old Bonds who i’m guessing isn’t taking performance enhancing drugs right now, and is hitting the ball great. Whether or not Bonds took steroids doesn’t change the fact that this guy is an incredible hitter. More to come on this subject when Bonds gets closer to breaking the record of all records.
  • Stuck to the baseball theme we now move to the Sox-Yanks Series. Great series for the Sox. It couldn’t have gone better. Unbelievable comeback win vs. Rivera on Friday. 4 homers in a row last night. Beautiful diving catch by Pedroia. 2 saves from JP in 2 opportunities. Looks good now, let’s hope that the same things are happening in September.
  • Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer yesterday at the Monte Carlo Masters (6-4, 6-4). Extending his clay court winning streak to 66. Really remarkable that this guy can be so dominant. I really believe that this is now in Roger’s head, and that is why he can’t seem to crack Nadal on clay. Anyone who bets against Nadal in the French Open has to be an absolute mad man.

Rumor has it….

-Joey Crawford doesn’t receive assignment of officiating Spurs-Nuggets playoff game.

-Rafael Nadal is a decent tennis player on clay courts.

-Robert Horry becomes a slightly better player in the playoffs

-Tom Emanski’s instructional video produced Back-Back-Back AAU National Champions.


10…..total number of assists for Kobe in the 2007 playoffs

25mph……running speed of Leandro “the Brazilian Blur” Barbosa.


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