The Michael Vick Dilemma

Let me start by saying that I believe that if Vick did commit the crimes that they say that he did then he should go to jail and not play football, and that those are horrible and inhuman things to do. Now let me get to the part about this situation that is killing me. I’m watching ESPN and they show all of the PETA protesters (over 100) holding up signs and calling for Vick to not be allowed to play football and be put in jail. Honestly I very much dislike these cranky middle-aged woman that hold up these signs like it will actually do anything. Especially because 95% of the these PETA people probably didn’t even know who Michael Vick was before this, and now he is there worst enemy. Let’s remember that as of now Vick is innocent. Just like every other American citizen is if they are alleged of a crime. We do not know what role Vick played in any of this or if he even really played a significant role at all. Yet all of these people are out on the streets calling for Vick to be put out of work. Let’s be honest they are just doing that because he is a star athlete and celebrity, and they don’t want to see him making millions of dollars for doing what he does, and playing in front of packed stadiums every Sunday. You know what I say to all those PETA people, I’m sorry you weren’t the one that was given this incredible ability that Vick was given. Don’t be bitter because he plays 16 football games, and gets paid millions of dollars for it. If this were some Joe Schmoe who was endicted for the same crimes then PETA wouldn’t be out in the streets protesting for him to be put out of work. What if one of those PETA protesters was alleged of a crime, and we stood out in the street with signs saying don’t let Sally be a secretary. Would that be fair to do. Try to put them out of a job even though at that moment they are completely innocent.

Please don’t get me wrong I am glad these PETA people have something that they stand for, and that they want to protect. But really can’t you find something better to do then stand out in the streets and get some guy put out of work over allegations. Let me stress again that these are terrible crimes that Vick is accused of, and if they are true then I too believe that he should be put in jail, but right now he is innocent as could be and we don’t know what is true and what isn’t.

Just look at the Kobe Bryant alleged rape charge a few years back in Colorado. What if Stern suspended Kobe, and took away his job and his livelyhood for a prime year in his career just over allegations. Also I know right now that if you are in PETA and you are reading this you are probably saying, “Who is Kobe Bryant.” Just don’t worry about it I understand, but for the rest of us we know that Kobe was charged, and the case never even made it to trial. Would you want your job and life taken away from you just because of some false charges? If Stern had suspended him it would have been the wrong thing to do, and I believe that the same rule applies for NFL commisioner Roger Goodell.

Another example is the Duke Lacrosse case. A defense attorney (Mike Nifong) completely overreacts to charges made towards 3 athletes and look at what happens. The charges end up being dropped, and the lives of 3 kids in the prime of their lives are completely changed. Wait not just those 3 kids are affected though it’s also the other 20+ players on the lacrosse team that have their season and everything that they worked for taken away from them now. All because of allegations that were made. Please Roger Goodell and PETA don’t try to do the same to Vick. Even if these allegations had a chance of being 99% true and 1% false I say don’t suspend him over allegations, because there is that chance that Vick is innocent and you would change his life and others lives completely.


Some Thoughts

  • Let’s start by talking about A-Rod, and what he did the other day. First of all let me say that I dislike A-Rod as much as anyone in the nation. He is definitely in my top 10 people I dislike the most, and that is a tough list to crack. You should know that his teammate Jorge Posada is leading the way in that categorie. Anyways A-Rod did his best Willy Mays Hays impression the other day by yelling something at a third basemen as he went to catch an infield pop-up. What’s got me going is that people are saying that he was out of line for doing it. Where I come from you do whatever it takes to win. If that means distracting an opponent while he is trying to field a ball then so be it. I once heard the great Red Auerbach say that one thing that the Celtics teams of the 50’s and 60’s did was get every little advantage that they could. They took every little advantage that they could get and they used it. They did what they had to do to win. If that meant distracting an opponent like A-Rod did then that’s what you have to do. Especially when you are on a Yankees team that is struggling like they are right now. What A-Rod did was the same thing that any NBA player does when they talk trash to another player who is shooting a free throw. Just a smart play by A-Rod and even though I despise the guy I have to say I loved that play. You play to win at all costs. Next time I suggest that Jeter tells a base stealer that there was a foul ball and he has to go back to first (as long as there is no throw from the catcher). That one works everytime, I used to do it in Babe Ruth and even AAU.
  • Now to the good stuff. Lebron. Lebron. and More Lebron. As much as I think Lebron has been a waste of talent so far, and isn’t the player that he should be I do have to say what he did last night was absolutely amazing. He single handlely beat the Pistons. I was sure that game was over when Detroit was up 88-83. Lebron had other ideas. A couple of rim rocking dunks later we were looking at overtime. Oh yeah and 25 straight points from the King himself. He does seem to be taking the steps to earning his nickname King James, but don’t think that he is there yet. We all thought that last year when the Cavs won the same game 5 in Detroit, but then Detroit came back to win the series in 7. Until the King finishes them off I won’t count Detroit out. What Lebron has done is kind of saved the playoffs in general. I was having a hard time watching games after Golden State and Phoenix both went out last round. One thing I can say now is that I am looking forward to seeing what Lebron does next and being a Witness.

Wednesday Web Links

Here are the best links that I can find for you for Wednesday May 2nd.

  • We start with a link to the classic Tom Emanski Baseball instructional video. This is a column from ESPN’s Page 2 archive that talks about the long lasting life of this hilarious commercial. The video is on the right hand side, and remember this video produced baseball world’s back-back-back AAU National Champions. What they don’t tell you is the guy that ran and started baseball world is Tom Emanski who was a professional scout in his prior life. Oh yeah and you also have to worship the “crime dog” Fred Mcgriff and his hat.
  • Here is one of the best Sportscenter commercials of all time. This is the “Ringers” commercial in which ESPN city basketball league team is stacked with NBA players. The best part is at the end where the guy gets cleaned out on a screen and his teammate yells, “defense wins championships.”
  • While we’re at it here is another site’s take on the top ten Sportscenter commercials. I have to agree with the #1, but some of the others are questionable to say the least.
  • This is as good as a youtube clip that you will ever see. It’s called Trampoline Basketball and is hilarious if you listen to it.
  • LEERoyyyy JENKinSSS!!!!!!. This is a clip of guys playing the World of Warcraft computer game. It starts slow but stick with it because it is hilarious.
  • While we’re at it here is another one of my all time favorite youtube clips. It is called FPS doug, and is about a guy playing a first person shooting video game. It’s just hilarious.
  • Larry Bird montage, and the next one is a collection of “Pistol” Pete highlights.
  • Remember this great Mountain Dew commercial? You better like it, and you gotta love it.

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles………Back later this week with more NBA playoffs and how USA basketball should be run.

Simply the Best

As I was being lazy just like any other typical Friday I was thinking about TV shows. I am almost always watching ESPN so hardly ever do I watch some drama series or comedy on ABC, NBC, or CBS. Excluding a one hour period every Wednesday night, which is when I watch “Lost.” So there I was again on the couch watching ESPN slate of afternoon sports shows. Then it hit me. The best show on TV, and the best 30 minutes of sports talk on TV is definitely PTI. C’mon if you love sports then you must love to sit down and watch Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon battle it out at 5:30 est. Even if you don’t watch it everyday and it doesn’t mean that much to you, that doesn’t mean that when you get the chance you pass it up. What is better than Tony waving goodnight to Canada everyday with his little Canadian flag, or even just the jokes that they crack at the start of each show.

So other than those couple things what makes the show “the best.” Well how about the set up of the show. You start out with the biggest 5 or 6 stories in sports from the previous night or present day. Then comes “five good minutes” with a guest that is usually a great guest. Then an section that changes every day with a variety of good cop/bad cop, mail time, odds makers, role play, psychics, and toss up. Heck I’m probably forgetting something too. Then the happy happies, and the big finish and they even give you something to watch for that night. So you get every sports story covered all with the high comedy of Mike and Tony. You have to love the music and the set too. The many heads in the background and the bobble heads that they always show. Those are things that you can’t overrate. So other than all of these things what makes it better than all of the other shows like ATH, Sports Reporters, Jim Rome, 1st and 10, and the many more. Well it is the guys doing the show. Mike and Tony are the perfect team. They mesh perfectly, because they always have different opinions on things and usually cover all of the basis for an argument. All while being funny enough and do it within a certain time constraint that keeps people watching. So for whatever it is worth I am here to say that PTI is simply the best 30 minutes on television.

The Next Rivera

Jonathan Papelbon recorded his 6th save of an early season to complete the sweep on the Yankees. This has been the most exciting regular season series I can remember, with the sox coming from behind in all 3 victories. What made this Papelbon outing incredible, aside from finishing off the TOP of the Yankees’ order which was giving all it had to avoid a sweep, was the sheer dominance of each at bat (with the exception of Abreu). He made some of the best hitters in baseball look foolish with the precision of a sober Will Storms heart surgery. Leading off was Damon, a very smart hitter. Paps made him look silly with a splitter early in the count, eventually retiring him by a harmless fly out. Next came Derek Jeter. After being burned for strike two, Jeter took what looked like a typical off balance beer league cut, falling to his side after whiffing on the fast ball. There are few things other than dome that I have enjoyed more than watching Jeter trot back to the dug-out after that AB. Next up was Bobby Abreu. I think Paps intentionally walked Abreu so he could sit down (insert off-color reference that refers to Alex’s sexuality that rhymes with A)-Rod. He got ahead of A-Rod 0-2 and got him to hit a routine grounder. The thing I like best about Papelbon though is his look. Scary. He looks right into the eyes of hitters, letting them know he is coming right after them. He knows he is going to get them out. He wants to pitch against the best hitters with the game on the line. From the time he trots out to the mound, giving that Michael Jordan-intense look, you know he is going to get it done. I started writing this post before the game was even over. When I see his confidence and swagger, I can’t see how this guy isn’t going to become the next Mariano Rivera. I know sox fans were this high on Foulkie in his prime, and no, I don’t even know what foulke is up to right know. But Foulke never had the look of a serial killer. Papelbon is going to do whatever it takes to dominate this league in the coming years.

And now, I take this space to appreciate the fantastic beards being sported right now by Baron Davis and Kevin Youkilis

Grizzly Adams DID have a beard.
Also, sorry for being completely wrong about the mavs/warriors series. I played as Golden State in NBA live and immediately regretted that prediction.

Wednesday Web Links

Here are some cool links that you sports fans might want to check out.

Back next Wednesday for more links………and that’s the way the cookie crumbles