Spurs Sweep Away Cavs

No big Surprise that the Spurs finished off the Cavs last night in Cleveland. Let’s face it Cleveland just wasn’t on the same level as the Spurs. Cleveland rode Lebron to the Finals, and probably shouldn’t have been there. Cleveland was honestly probably about the 6th best team in the NBA this year (Spurs, Suns, Mavs, Jazz, Warriors and Miami would have beaten them in a series). Tony Parker was amazing in the Finals and definitely deserved that MVP award. Something needs to be said about Parker. That is that he is absolutely living the dream. The guy is still very young, has already won 3 titles, has a finals MVP award under his belt, and is getting married to Eva Longoria (need I say more?). How about the fact that he is never even  considered when experts talk about the best point guards in the League. That is pretty amazing. The guy is lightning off the dribble, and has proven that he finishes better in the paint than most big guys (Varejao included). Also lately has become a more effective outside shooter, and can hit them when they count as he proved in the Finals. So I guess what I am saying to Tony Parker is “kudos” you are a great point guard with three titles and a beautiful gal.

Now onto this talk about the Spurs being a “Dynasty”. Not that it really matters that much, because there is no real certain criteria, but I just don’t see them as a dynasty. They aren’t that dominant team that everyone fears each year, and the team that dominates each year. They haven’t won back to back titles, they have no flash to them, and they have never really had any big moments. No game winning shots that were absolutely amazing. The only thing I think of when I hear Spurs and a game winning shot, is the one that Fisher hit to beat them in SA a few years back. They just don’t quite have that “Dynasty” thing about them. So for now I will just say that they are an unbelievable team that knows how to win when the money is on the line.

 The thing that hurt me the most about the Finals was not finding out about that patch of hair on Drew Gooden’s head. All I wanted was a special sitdown with Gooden, or at least a sideline report that told the story behind that patch of hair. Yet all I got were 4 games that lacked offense, and big moments. So be it now we can look forward to the draft and who the Celts will take. Just for the record if they take Yi Jianlan I might not be around to see his first game. I have said it before and I will say it again there really is something about Noah that just seems right. He fits the Celts need of a center, and the Celts offense perfectly. Doesn’t need the ball to be effective, and he can do all of the little things. He knows how to win, and is as much of a competitor that you will ever find. You need to look no further than his recent workouts for NBA teams, which he is doing with an injured shoulder. That isn’t stopping him from going hard every other day working out for NBA teams. I can just feel something special coming from him, and that is all I’m saying………..


Some Thoughts

  • Let’s start by talking about A-Rod, and what he did the other day. First of all let me say that I dislike A-Rod as much as anyone in the nation. He is definitely in my top 10 people I dislike the most, and that is a tough list to crack. You should know that his teammate Jorge Posada is leading the way in that categorie. Anyways A-Rod did his best Willy Mays Hays impression the other day by yelling something at a third basemen as he went to catch an infield pop-up. What’s got me going is that people are saying that he was out of line for doing it. Where I come from you do whatever it takes to win. If that means distracting an opponent while he is trying to field a ball then so be it. I once heard the great Red Auerbach say that one thing that the Celtics teams of the 50’s and 60’s did was get every little advantage that they could. They took every little advantage that they could get and they used it. They did what they had to do to win. If that meant distracting an opponent like A-Rod did then that’s what you have to do. Especially when you are on a Yankees team that is struggling like they are right now. What A-Rod did was the same thing that any NBA player does when they talk trash to another player who is shooting a free throw. Just a smart play by A-Rod and even though I despise the guy I have to say I loved that play. You play to win at all costs. Next time I suggest that Jeter tells a base stealer that there was a foul ball and he has to go back to first (as long as there is no throw from the catcher). That one works everytime, I used to do it in Babe Ruth and even AAU.
  • Now to the good stuff. Lebron. Lebron. and More Lebron. As much as I think Lebron has been a waste of talent so far, and isn’t the player that he should be I do have to say what he did last night was absolutely amazing. He single handlely beat the Pistons. I was sure that game was over when Detroit was up 88-83. Lebron had other ideas. A couple of rim rocking dunks later we were looking at overtime. Oh yeah and 25 straight points from the King himself. He does seem to be taking the steps to earning his nickname King James, but don’t think that he is there yet. We all thought that last year when the Cavs won the same game 5 in Detroit, but then Detroit came back to win the series in 7. Until the King finishes them off I won’t count Detroit out. What Lebron has done is kind of saved the playoffs in general. I was having a hard time watching games after Golden State and Phoenix both went out last round. One thing I can say now is that I am looking forward to seeing what Lebron does next and being a Witness.

The Playoff Blog is Back

  • First off thank you Jason for the in depth research on that former Team USA-er Nick Collison. I think it comes as a surprise to us all that he is still in the NBA.
  • Not much to say about that opening game between NJ and Cleveland. Donyell Marshall was hitting threes? and the Nets couldn’t throw it into the ocean. Not really much to say in general about the Eastern Conference playoffs. I wish Miami was still playing, because at least they would shake things up a little bit and make me watch. Although there is something that I have been meaning to mention. In game 3 in NJ Jason Kidd pulled down a rebound, then preceded to throw a perfect lead pass to Vince Carter who then dunked it. What was so great was how Kidd came down with the rebound then without hesitation threw the perfect lob pass. Carter was smiling, and just appreciating his teammate as he caught it and went in for the dunk. Just a really cool moment to see. Carter knew how great Kidd was playing, and could only marvel at it with the rest of us. Also in Game 6 Kidd threw an incredible “thread the needle” pass to Mikki Moore. Really have to love Kidd averaging a triple-double in the playoffs. Hoping to see him on Team USA.
  • Now for the big show. Spurs/Suns in SA tonight for game 6. Very anticipated game with Stoudemire and Diaw coming back. Pretty much everyone that I talked to during the day was excited to watch this game.
  • Bowen is playing unbelieveable defense on Nash, and should be congratulated. Parker dominated the first half, and Ginobli had 10 pts in his first 11 minutes. Then Duncan got it going towards the end of the half. That being said you would think that the Spurs were in total control, but it was just a two point game at the half. Nash is being followed by Bowen and an extra defender wherever he goes yet he is still able to deliver to his teammates. Just when I thought I had definitely seen the best pass of the night from Kidd, Nash throws a wrap-around pass as he is flying through the lane around Duncan right to Stoudemire. Just a remarkable pass.
  • Big run for the Spurs in the third quarter. They weren’t missing from the perimeter. Phoenix just isn’t on their game tonight. Nash is frustrated and no one can make shots. I think we can all say that these are the two best teams left in the playoffs playing.
  • Suns come into the 4th down 81-67. San Antonio wasn’t looking back, still making everything. Then Nash decided to finally take over. After scoring 10 points in a row by himself, the Suns found a few rare defensive stops. Then a few more hoops and Nash crossing up Bowen and making him fall over on his ass (that’s more like it Steve). The ensuing basketball by Nash cut the SA lead to just 9. The Suns gave us one last great spurt. Showing what great team basketball they are able to play. Nash was immaculate in the 4th quarter, but to no avail. I’m just sad that we won’t be seeing the game 7 that we should be seeing on Sunday. Just sad that the NBA did that to the Suns in game 5. Still though a great series played by the dirty Spurs.

Just a thought

Just wanted to use this time to say that I am the man because I wrote about Timmy Duncan being underrated and then a more well known sportswriter named simmons wrote about the same thing, that is all on that note.

On a more sensitive note, the team SZ is pulling for GOLDEN STATE baby went down sadly 3-1 to the Jazz last night. As you can see, we are all in a state of depression and discontent during these difficult times. Alliteration aside, we won’t give up hope until it’s all said and done. Nor will we write about anything else.

Also, The NBA lottery is looming a mere 8 days away. My prayers go out to the Celtics who need the first or second pick. If not because we won 24 games, but because we just extended Glen ‘Doc’ Rivers’ contract. It would just be too much if they didn’t. As I watch Duncan systematically dismantle the defenses of the best teams in the league, while playing some pretty damn good D on the other side of the court, I can’t help but imagine what it would be like if he was doing this in a green jersey. It brings tears to my eyes.

Playoff Blog

I wasn’t planning on adding to the playoff blog tonight, but after watching this Golden State game I couldn’t possibly not write about the incredible game that I saw. First off I think I need to say that it will be a nearly impossible task for anyone to beat Golden State in Oakland. That crowd just pushes these guys to new limits. You can’t say enough about the noise level and the overall togetherness of this crowd. Also you have to love how ESPN needed to install the sound level meter to give the fans an idea of how loud that place is. Mike Tirico had to say how the crowd in Utah was loud too just to keep the Jazz fans happy with ESPN’s coverage, but we all know that Tirico wasn’t in Utah for either of those games.

A great start to the game for the Warriors who were connecting on everything early. Then they went through a dryspell at the end of the quarter and let Utah back into it. Then came a huge outburst in the second quarter. Just incredible shooting and energy by the Warriors. Really special to watch. I can’t tell you how enjoyable it is to watch this team play with this atmosphere. Utah is counting their blessings for GS blowing that game 2, because if they hadn’t then this series would be all but done. I was riding a huge high after that second quarter, but it would only get better. Baron Davis’ performance in this game was absolutely incredible. He is unstoppable right now. The funny thing is that everytime I talk about GS I find myself saying how great Baron Davis is right now. He hit some of the most difficult shots and layups that I have ever seen. Oh yeah and that rediculous posterizing dunk on Kirilenko. Not bad for a 6’2 guard with bad knees right? Kirilenko had been dominating the series on the defensive end, and Davis still went right at him. Davis’ performance in these playoffs has been one of the greatest ever, and it will only get better by the looks of it. The sky is the limit for this Warriors team with him leading the way. Did Deron Williams even play tonight? Mehmet Okur? They might have, but I didn’t see them because I was too busy being amazed by the Baron.

Playoff Blog

Well the second round of the playoffs is fully underway now. Batting leadoff for TNT on this monday night was another blowout game between the Pistons and Bulls. I really could care less about this series right now and I refuse to write about it. But just for those of you who need to know here are three things about this series: 1) the Bulls are overmatch, and it will be a boring series with the Pistons taking it in 5, 2) no one cares, and 3) it doesn’t matter because the winner of everything is coming out of the West.

Now that we got that out of the way. Let me assure you, I didn’t waste my time watching that Pistons/Bulls blowout. Instead I went and played some ball myself, just to get pumped up for the nightcap between the Warriors and Jazz. I did my best impression of Matt Barnes left-handed dunk over Dirk Nowitzki about 10 times on my nerf hoop. Don’t worry I did my best Nowitzki impression too. I missed just about every shot I took, then realized I just couldn’t get it done and I am no MVP. Now that you know about me and my balling on the nerf hoop let’s talk about this Golden State/Utah series. It should be a very exciting series. Both teams will have great home crowds to push them, and they can both put the ball in the hoop. I like Golden State in 6 again. They are just on too much of a roll and too tough to match up with. When will people understand that the only place that Biendrins can score is directly under the hoop. He either gets a layup or a dunk, that is all. So just don’t let him get the ball there. Gordon Giricek started the game for the Jazz. You can’t tell me this guy is going to be the sparkplug for the Jazz. The only thing he has going for him is that he is one of the ugliest player’s in the L.

Not a good start for Golden State in the 1st quarter, but they will be sure to hang around for a while. Reggie Miller says that the point guard match up between Davis and Williams will decide the series. Let’s hope not for the Jazz’s sake, because Davis is just a better player right now. Even though Williams outplayed Davis tonight don’t expect that to become a theme in the series. We learned two things in the first half of this game. That this will be a great series to watch and that Andre Kirilenko can pass. I never knew the great ability and vision that he had. The 2nd half is a blur, because it was absolutely great. Back and forth they went down the stretch. Just great play from both teams, and you have to say the difference was Boozer’s offensive rebounding down the stretch. I still like Golden State in 6 even though they lost this first game, because Golden State won’t lose at home, and all they have to do is steal 1 game on the road. With the style they play they can definitely take game 2 or 5 in Utah.

Sunday’s Playoff Blog

It was another exciting weekend in sports, and Sunday capped it off with an exciting NBA playoff double header. I didn’t catch the first game of the Nets/Cavs series because I was still in a coma from the night before, but the highlights showed an exciting game. LeBron stepped up big down the stretch, he ended with 21. That doesn’t seem great but when your team barely cracks 80 and you get a win you can’t complain. He also hit two big shots from close range to keep the game out of reach. You love to see when a young player steps up and plays into that hero mode during the playoffs. The second half showed flashes of when James nearly carried his entire team to victory in a grueling series against the Pistons a year ago. I hope he gets some support at some point from the other Cavs.
I did get the opportunity to catch the second game of the double-header, an absolute treat. The Spurs and Suns battled back and fourth for 48 minutes. It was one of those games where neither team would quit. You knew they were going to trade buckets until one team finally runs out of time and needs to foul. 12 lead changes and 7 ties.
I was really impressed with the elevated play of both teams, the Suns led by Nash (what else is new), and the Spurs, by Duncan and Parker. I personally feel that Duncan is underrated by the mainstream. He is a superstar obviously but he didn’t get any talk for MVP. Yet, when you watch him it is a basketball clinic every time. He led all scorers with 33 and so many of them killed runs when the Suns were trying to catch fire.
On paper, the Spurs look like a bad match-up for the Suns. They have playoff experience, they have Tim Duncan, they have clutch shooters in Parker and “Big Shot Bob,” they have Tim Duncan, they have a spark plug flailing foreigner coming off the bench in Manu Ginobili, they play strong defense, which usually trumps offense, and they have Tim Duncan. I thought the Spurs would really slow things down and control the tempo. However, the game was played at a pace that really favored the Suns. They were running the way they always do, but instead of slowing down, the Spurs went toe-to-toe (unlike Mayweather and De La Hoya) and outscored them.
The only disappointment was Steve Nash having to sit the deciding stretch of the game; he gashed his nose when butting heads with Tony Parker and took a big impact (unlike Mayweather or De La Hoya). He had to sit down the stretch because the trainers couldn’t get it to stop bleeding. It was this stretch in which the Suns couldn’t answer on one possession. Just like that, the game was over. Being an avid Suns fan (second only to the Celtics), I was a little disappointed we didn’t get to see if the Suns could pull it out with Nash. But in the end, the Spurs experience pulled it out. It was amazing how calm they stayed being on the road facing adversity, with an explosive team throwing everything they have at you. There were so many big buckets; this game was a thrill to watch. Game 1 has set great expectations for the series, and it should be one of the best in recent memory.

And Kudos to Clemens for being a Dick. Hope he enjoys sharing a rotation with Matt DeSalvo, Darrell Rasner, and Jeff Karstens (ERA 14.54).