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Well the second round of the playoffs is fully underway now. Batting leadoff for TNT on this monday night was another blowout game between the Pistons and Bulls. I really could care less about this series right now and I refuse to write about it. But just for those of you who need to know here are three things about this series: 1) the Bulls are overmatch, and it will be a boring series with the Pistons taking it in 5, 2) no one cares, and 3) it doesn’t matter because the winner of everything is coming out of the West.

Now that we got that out of the way. Let me assure you, I didn’t waste my time watching that Pistons/Bulls blowout. Instead I went and played some ball myself, just to get pumped up for the nightcap between the Warriors and Jazz. I did my best impression of Matt Barnes left-handed dunk over Dirk Nowitzki about 10 times on my nerf hoop. Don’t worry I did my best Nowitzki impression too. I missed just about every shot I took, then realized I just couldn’t get it done and I am no MVP. Now that you know about me and my balling on the nerf hoop let’s talk about this Golden State/Utah series. It should be a very exciting series. Both teams will have great home crowds to push them, and they can both put the ball in the hoop. I like Golden State in 6 again. They are just on too much of a roll and too tough to match up with. When will people understand that the only place that Biendrins can score is directly under the hoop. He either gets a layup or a dunk, that is all. So just don’t let him get the ball there. Gordon Giricek started the game for the Jazz. You can’t tell me this guy is going to be the sparkplug for the Jazz. The only thing he has going for him is that he is one of the ugliest player’s in the L.

Not a good start for Golden State in the 1st quarter, but they will be sure to hang around for a while. Reggie Miller says that the point guard match up between Davis and Williams will decide the series. Let’s hope not for the Jazz’s sake, because Davis is just a better player right now. Even though Williams outplayed Davis tonight don’t expect that to become a theme in the series. We learned two things in the first half of this game. That this will be a great series to watch and that Andre Kirilenko can pass. I never knew the great ability and vision that he had. The 2nd half is a blur, because it was absolutely great. Back and forth they went down the stretch. Just great play from both teams, and you have to say the difference was Boozer’s offensive rebounding down the stretch. I still like Golden State in 6 even though they lost this first game, because Golden State won’t lose at home, and all they have to do is steal 1 game on the road. With the style they play they can definitely take game 2 or 5 in Utah.


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