Playoff Blog

Let’s continue with the playoff blogging! We will skip the Rockets/Jazz game, because well know one really cares about it. What is more important is the best game of the season that was on tap after it. This is clearly the most anticipated game of the season so far. It was a crazy atmosphere in Golden State again. Fans were going bananas and even looked like bananas with all of those golden shirts. I like to refer to the crowd as the “Golden Crush.” So a great start for the Warriors then some 3’s lead Dallas back into the game. The story of the early going has to be the one-sided calls that all favored Dallas. The NBA clearly wants a game 7. They couldn’t favor Dallas anymore. another annoying thing is that anytime a Golden State player posts up a Dallas player flops when being backed down. And they always get the call. Then the Baron Davis injury. What else could go wrong for the Warriors after the promising start. The horrible officiating continued, and Dallas kept getting lucky it seemed. Then the great Baron came back out of the locker room, and after Steve Kerr said that he would cool down from beyond the arc he scored 11 points in a row. Just an amazing performance. This really had the feel of the game 4 in GS. Dirk looks terrible again, and he can’t seem to get anything going. But really can I say enough about the crowd there. If anything can propel Baron Davis to another great performance it is that crowd.

Exciting 3rd quarter. Dallas couldn’t hit anything at all, and Golden State exploded to a huge lead. Lead by the great shooting of Stephen Jackson who was enfuego from the great beyond. This is an all time gutsy performance by Baron Davis. He is clearly hurting badly, yet he is still going by defenders and taking the ball to the rim. The crowd is still in a frenzy, and this is an extraordinary series by Matt Barnes. This guy makes all of the big plays, including that huge lefty slam right in the MVP’s grill in that quarter. Hard to believe that he was a castaway, just a testament to his work ethic. Dallas lived by the three in the first half, but now they are dying by it. I think everyone is believing what these Warriors fans believe now.

Just another Houdini act by the so-called MVP Dirk Nowitzki, but hey Dallas fans haven’t seen that before. Or have they? Haha suckas. Don Nelson is an absolute genius, and this Golden State team could be playing for a lot longer. It will be key for their studs to get some rest and heal up for the next series though. You gotta love it, and you better like it. Thanks Golden State.


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