The Playoff Blog Continues

  • Is there anything better than watching Ernie, Kenny, and Charles. Charles isn’t afraid to say anything on the air. He really would fight every Golden State fan right now. Kenny and Charles can both give solid analysis, and they mix in some other stuff. Ernie makes sure nothing gets out of hand and is a great mediator. They also always have a great personality as a guest. I am as pumped for this GS/Dallas game as I have been all season. The atmosphere is electric again, and the We Believe T-shirts are out. This seems like a nice time to point out that Golden State has one of the best looking floors in the NBA. I would have to say that Washington’s floor has them by a half a notch. An even bigger question is whether or not Dirk will show up tonight.
  • Earlier Steve Nash put on an absolute clinic in L.A. dishing out 23 assists while scoring in double figures as well. You have to love Amare pulling down 20+ boards, and Marion making hustle plays everywhere. That series is now all but over. Expect Phoenix to end it in the desert in game 5.
  • The Heat were swept away by the Bulls in Miami. An absolutely shocking series to everyone. I really don’t know what to say. The Bulls just played solid and had the Heat’s number.
  • New Jersey dominated an offense less Raptors squad. Jason Kidd again playing a great all around game. Now with a 3-1 series lead Jersey should be able to close in either game 5 or 6.
  • The Mavericks were off to a quick start against GS, but GS kept cutting the lead down throughout the first half with timely hoops and shooting a solid percentage from the charity stripe. The Warriors were getting open looks early and often, but just not hitting on them. Baron Davis still looks unstoppable out there, and Josh Howard was playing great for Dallas. Mickael Pietrus came in and gave the Warriors a much needed lift. With a huge follow up dunk and an even bigger block on Jason Terry on a fast break. Then he connected on a three pointer that made the crowd erupt. Can someone tell me why this guy has never been in the slam dunk contest. He can absolutely get up, and he is an ideal guy. Just when you think things can’t get any worse for Dallas Baron Davis hits a half court shot to end the first half that ties up the game at half. GS shot poorly in that half and Dirk had his best half of the series yet the game is still tied. That can’t be a good sign for Dallas. Golden State comes out like a ball of fire in the second half, with two offensive rebounds that lead to 3 pointers and a six point lead. Solid play throughout the 3rd quarter from both teams. Both teams had their runs, and GS was the team that closed with a great run. “B Dizzle” Baron Davis scored 5 points in the last minute to tie the game. Including out running the so called “Jet” Jason Terry for a loose ball and then dunking it. Regardless of what happens in the rest of this series Davis is playing as good as anyone in the NBA right now, and has clearly proven that he is one of the 10 most talented players in the league. Not too shabby of a fourth quarter either in this game. It was pandemonium in the “O” (Oracle Arena). Baron Davis lead his troops the whole way, I don’t think he came out the whole second half. GS used their ballhawk scrambling defense to frustrate the mavs. Along with the gang rebounding effort. Dirk was completely out of sync, and couldn’t hit anything. He couldn’t even draw iron until those late 3’s that he hit. He just has no confidence at all right now. I think now more than just the Warrior nation BELIEVES.

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