Kobe v Jordan

This is an article that I have been preparing, and very excited to write.

Kobe Bryant v Michael Jordan

Everyone take a deep breath. Sit down. I am going to say something more then shocking then when Robert Gaddell announced the Dolphins took Teddy Ginn. Kobe Bryant is a better basketball player then Michael Jordan. Still with me? If you have a basketball mind, you may have come to this realization already, if your Shaq, sorry ( but thanks for reading). Here is why:

There were two times in their career when their situations were very similar. Michael Jordan pre Pippen and Rodman and Kobe currently. MJ benefited from his supporting cast like nobody in basketball history. Now, MJ is still the GREATEST athlete. How he captivated, almost SAVED the game. His tongue hanging out, taking off from places Charles Oakley couldn’t make a jumpshot from consistantly. His gatorade commercials, movies, and buisness icon make him the biggest and GREATEST athlete of all time. However, Kobe Bryant is better at the sport. Has anyone watched him this year. There was a time when he could score 50 points whenever he wanted to. The Lakers are in the playoffs and have a chance in this suns matchup because of Kobe, and they have JORDAN FARMAR at the point. Could you imagine MJ in practice with Phil if he had Farmar running the offense?

There are two people to blame for Kobe’s appeal. First off us. We labled him the next Jordan when he got out the limo with Brandy at prom. However, he was not the first, the list ( not complete includes) Howard Minor, Vince Carter, Shawn Kemp, Grant Hill, Anfernee Hardway, and of course Kobe. While four of those guys were All Stars none of them could hold Michaels jock ( his jock used with the Birmingham Barons at that). After those guys seriously flamed out we threw the book out and said there will never be a player like Jordan. Which is true, but we would be wrong if we said no one will ever be as good as Jordan.For that, Kobe got screwed.

Kobe killed Kobe. He shot himself in the foot. There will never be a statue of him outside of the staples center. He will never be in a movie with Buggs Bunny, he will never be on the cover of time ( for a good reason), and he will never, ever, be the athelte of the century. Why? Because HE chose not to be. He made this decision when driving Shaq out of town, when elbowing Mike Miller and Manu Ginobili. He made this choice when he cheated on his wife and was charged with Rape. When comparing Kobe to Jordan off the court you only have to look at two twenty second clips. Kids signing “If I could be like Mike” drinking gatorade trying to be like their hero represents MJ. Kobe lifting, and shooting around saying LOVE me or HATE me is how i see Kobe. Nobody loves you. We respect you for who you are, the best player of all time.


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