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  • As my dad and I watched the first half of the Raptors and Nets game all we could do was marvel at two things. One was the lack of love for sports franchises in New Jersey. At the Devils game the night before there were 3,500 empty seats and at this Nets playoff game there were definitely some empty seats. How can fans pass up this chance to watch a great trio of players that includes a human highlight film, an incredible point guard, and a great all around player. If the Celtics ever do make the playoffs again I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Neither would the whole fan base so that means that there wouldn’t be empty seats to be seen throughout the arena. Anyways what those fans were missing was that second thing. That was the incredible play of Jason Kidd. Behind Nash he is the second best point guard in the league. He is also one of the most valuable players in the league to his team. Without Kidd getting almost a triple double a night and distributing the ball and keeping everyone happy this Nets team would be much less successful. Let’s remember when Byron Scott was in the doghouse in NJ people were talking about Kidd being a player/coach. That is pretty high praise, since that has never happened in my lifetime. I mean this isn’t a men’s league team its the NBA. Most of all Kidd is a winner. He will do whatever it takes to win and believe me he will win. So we sat and marveled at the 14 assists that Jason Kidd put up in the first half of the game vs. the Raptors, because you don’t see players like him come around too often. Just as Henry Abbott of truehoop predicted Kidd would play (dead left knee) and he would play well. The game finished with the Nets winning 102-89. They dominated the game, or should I say that Jason Kidd and VC dominated the game. Kidd finished with one of the best lines that I have ever seen – 16 pts, 16 reb, 19 ast. That guy is some player. Nets now lead the series 2-1, and if they can take game 4 at home the series should be all but over. Don’t expect Toronto to roll over though in game 4. I think it will be a heck of a game.
  • Great first half in the Miami-Chicago game. A must win for the Heat, and you could tell. Wade looking for his offense early and plenty of post entries to Shaq who again was in foul trouble. The big half provided off the bench by my boy toine’ who included a beautiful finger roll and a fouled in transition. Followed by a semi-shimmy shake, which brought the Miami crowd to their feet. Is there anything prettier that Dwyane Wade’s bankshot that he hits from the left side of the floor. That shot is absolutely beautiful. Also you have to love the white out crowd in Miami, and of course that crazy spiky sphere thing that is inside the panels of the jumbo-tron. Don’t really know how to explain the breakdown that Miami suffered in the second half. Just solid defense and offense by the Bulls. Now Miami faces a 3-0 hole, and if anyone is going to comeback from down 3-0 its Miami but I wouldn’t expect it that’s for sure.
  • Great crowd at Oracle Arena in Oakland. Those fans were going bananas after every hoop by GS in the early going. Here’s Bill Walton’s take on the Warriors, “These Warriors are for real.” Have to love the coverage by ESPN. Showing all three games on this Friday night in HD. Somewhere Charles Barkley is loving his first day off all week. I do have to say Mike Tirico is as good of a play by play guy there is around right now. What a step up from having Brent Musberger doing these ESPN/ABC games. Is it strange that the Warriors logo has a lightning bolt instead of an actual Warrior? What a great start for the Warriors in this game, they really looked amped up to play and behind only the Suns they are as good of a team that there is for a fan to watch. Truly an incredible performance by Baron Davis, J-Rich, and the Warriors in this game. How about the experience that the fans of GS got by watching this game. Those fans were on their feet the whole game. Dallas was completely out of sorts, and where was the so called MVP of this season. Nowitzki can’t do anything except shoot the ball well. So when that part of his game isn’t working he can’t do anything. That means that he isn’t the MVP. Right now Baron Davis is looking more like an MVP. He is clearly the best player on the floor in this series. Unstoppable off the dribble, then he can finish in the lane or find his teammates on the perimeter. The energy level on the floor for Golden State was absolutely unmatchable. After such a big deal was made about all of the GS technicals in game 2, Dallas was the team that decomposed and was called for technicals in this one. Can’t say enough about the hustle plays by both Matt Barnes and Mickael Pietrus. Who isn’t rooting for the 8 over 1 upset at this point. This is the playoffs and this is what it is all about.

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