Simply the Best

As I was being lazy just like any other typical Friday I was thinking about TV shows. I am almost always watching ESPN so hardly ever do I watch some drama series or comedy on ABC, NBC, or CBS. Excluding a one hour period every Wednesday night, which is when I watch “Lost.” So there I was again on the couch watching ESPN slate of afternoon sports shows. Then it hit me. The best show on TV, and the best 30 minutes of sports talk on TV is definitely PTI. C’mon if you love sports then you must love to sit down and watch Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon battle it out at 5:30 est. Even if you don’t watch it everyday and it doesn’t mean that much to you, that doesn’t mean that when you get the chance you pass it up. What is better than Tony waving goodnight to Canada everyday with his little Canadian flag, or even just the jokes that they crack at the start of each show.

So other than those couple things what makes the show “the best.” Well how about the set up of the show. You start out with the biggest 5 or 6 stories in sports from the previous night or present day. Then comes “five good minutes” with a guest that is usually a great guest. Then an section that changes every day with a variety of good cop/bad cop, mail time, odds makers, role play, psychics, and toss up. Heck I’m probably forgetting something too. Then the happy happies, and the big finish and they even give you something to watch for that night. So you get every sports story covered all with the high comedy of Mike and Tony. You have to love the music and the set too. The many heads in the background and the bobble heads that they always show. Those are things that you can’t overrate. So other than all of these things what makes it better than all of the other shows like ATH, Sports Reporters, Jim Rome, 1st and 10, and the many more. Well it is the guys doing the show. Mike and Tony are the perfect team. They mesh perfectly, because they always have different opinions on things and usually cover all of the basis for an argument. All while being funny enough and do it within a certain time constraint that keeps people watching. So for whatever it is worth I am here to say that PTI is simply the best 30 minutes on television.


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