Monday Night NBA Playoff recap

The Pistons and the Magic played game 2 to kick off Monday night’s TNT double header. The Pistons cruised to take a 2-0 lead. All their starters were in double figures, with the backcourt of Hamilton and Billups each going for over 20. The Pistons got it done from the charity stripe (80%) as well as drilling eight 3-balls. ‘Sheed and Tayshaun each hit 3 from downtown (3-6 and 3-3 respectively). As usual, they played great team ball. They are looking good against an inferior Magic squad, but it will be interesting to see if they can continue to play well as they get deeper into the playoffs. Old Grant Hill and Hedo Turkoglu each posted 20, but Howard was very quiet. He is a promising young player but his turnover numbers just look too much like girls’ high school basketball for me to be very high on him. The Magic are really overmatched in this series.
The Jazz/Rockets game was a lot more exciting. Unfortunately, Yao’s scraggly under-the-chin-only beard was gone, so the only fun provided by HD on the night was Carlos Boozer’s bald head. The Jazz led for the entire first half, but the Rockets turned it on in the second half to take a 2-0 lead in the series. Their ball movement looked really good, but like the Pistons, they will need to turn it on to advance past the second round. Yao and T-mac combined to take 53 of the Rocket’s 83 shots. As the for the Jazz, Memet Okur was ice cold. Boozer was playing out of his mind, exploding for 41 points, but he was the only one. McGrady was too much, as he came alive down the stretch.
Tomorrow looks to be exciting with game 2’s of Suns/Lakers, Raptors/Nets, and Heat/Bulls. My pick to win it all is the SUNS.
Other exciting news in the world of sports: The Red Sox ended their tear which included bitching the Yankees for three straight come-from-behind wins. They must have been emotionally spent from that weekend, going down to the Blue Jays tonight. One bright note though is pitcher Jon Lester who continues to rehab from cancer. Best wishes for his recovery. Hopefully he will return to the promising form he was in last season (7-2, 4.76 ERA). If he does he will complete a SCARY rotation for Boston. Also in baseball, A-Rod comments on his dazzling start to the season. He chalked up his unsatisfactory past performance in New York to his self-consciousness under the New York spot light. The new and improved A-rod is here to stay however, as he has found the perfect complement of Maybelline foundation and strawberry kiwi lip gloss which gives him his new swagger. Back to the NBA, LeBron’s ankle injury is most likely not going to keep him out of action. And finally, if Houston wins the NBA championship, their mascot’s name will be changed from Clutch the Bear to RED ROCKET. Goodnight.


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