Vince Young Isn’t Scared

So I’m sure you’ve heard the news: Vince Young will be featured on the next Madden cover. Then comes the talk of everyone about the curse of the Madden cover. The “Madden Curse” as it is called has been hampering NFL stars for the past 9 seasons. With its victims including Barry Sanders, Marshall Faulk, Dante Culpepper, Mike Vick, and most recently Shaun Alexander. For a complete Madden Curse history visit So this cover jinx has chosen a perfect target for the upcoming 2008 cover. Vince Young is a mobile young quarterback who loves to make plays with his legs. Also he is coming off a Rookie of the year campaign in which he almost lead the Titans to the AFC playoffs after a terrible start.

What do I make of the move by Young to agree to have his 6’6 frame on the cover? Well first off I don’t think that this was about money, but maybe about the celebrity a little bit. People who say that you shouldn’t put yourself on the cover obvious are just giving up, and have no faith in that player. That is really saying something that a person has more faith in a crazy cover jinx then in their favorite player who is a star in the league. Well I’ll tell you one thing Vince Young isn’t scared of this “curse.” Heck, why should he be? He is the closest thing that the NFL has to superman right now. Sure he doesn’t have that pretty throwing motion, and he has only been in the league for one year and started a limited number of games. But the guy is a winner. Every where that he has ever been he has won. Even last year coming into a terrible situation in Tennessee a third of the way into the year he turned it around, and was one half of a game vs. the patriots from putting them in the playoffs. Then who knows what happens from there. Young is the guy who can take the ball in his hands in any third down situation and find a way to get a first down. Remember that national championship game vs. one of the best college football teams ever. Well I do, in that game USC knew on the final 3 drives that Young was just going to pull it down and run it for everything he could. Guess what they couldn’t stop him. Young single handily took the biggest game of the year in his hands vs. the best team in the country and all he did was win it. He is the guy who when playing the team that should have drafted him #1 (Houston) ran for a game-winning 30+ yard touchdown in overtime. Really no big deal for Vince who just has the ability to do these amazing things. I’ll tell you right now if Young is healthy next year that the Titans will make the playoffs, and they will be a Super Bowl contending team. He is a player who can win a game all by himself. He’s like that former semi-pro basketball player that plays in your men’s league that you just can’t stop. When he wants to do it, and he gets it going there’s absolutely nothing that you can do.

If there is anyone that can break this Madden cover curse it is definitly VY. Everyone has been saying that he couldn’t do things ever since I’ve heard of the guy. All he has done is beat the odds each and every time. People said he wasn’t smart enough to be a great QB in the NFL after that stupid wonderlic test. Well guess what he did just fine in his rookie season last year. Then people questioned his throwing motion, and whether or not he could be accurate. Well in his rookie year he did pretty well with some very average wide receivers. Right now I am more intriguied by whether or not Vince will be on the 2009 Madden cover, and not by whether or not he will be another victim of the curse.


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