The Next Rivera

Jonathan Papelbon recorded his 6th save of an early season to complete the sweep on the Yankees. This has been the most exciting regular season series I can remember, with the sox coming from behind in all 3 victories. What made this Papelbon outing incredible, aside from finishing off the TOP of the Yankees’ order which was giving all it had to avoid a sweep, was the sheer dominance of each at bat (with the exception of Abreu). He made some of the best hitters in baseball look foolish with the precision of a sober Will Storms heart surgery. Leading off was Damon, a very smart hitter. Paps made him look silly with a splitter early in the count, eventually retiring him by a harmless fly out. Next came Derek Jeter. After being burned for strike two, Jeter took what looked like a typical off balance beer league cut, falling to his side after whiffing on the fast ball. There are few things other than dome that I have enjoyed more than watching Jeter trot back to the dug-out after that AB. Next up was Bobby Abreu. I think Paps intentionally walked Abreu so he could sit down (insert off-color reference that refers to Alex’s sexuality that rhymes with A)-Rod. He got ahead of A-Rod 0-2 and got him to hit a routine grounder. The thing I like best about Papelbon though is his look. Scary. He looks right into the eyes of hitters, letting them know he is coming right after them. He knows he is going to get them out. He wants to pitch against the best hitters with the game on the line. From the time he trots out to the mound, giving that Michael Jordan-intense look, you know he is going to get it done. I started writing this post before the game was even over. When I see his confidence and swagger, I can’t see how this guy isn’t going to become the next Mariano Rivera. I know sox fans were this high on Foulkie in his prime, and no, I don’t even know what foulke is up to right know. But Foulke never had the look of a serial killer. Papelbon is going to do whatever it takes to dominate this league in the coming years.

And now, I take this space to appreciate the fantastic beards being sported right now by Baron Davis and Kevin Youkilis

Grizzly Adams DID have a beard.
Also, sorry for being completely wrong about the mavs/warriors series. I played as Golden State in NBA live and immediately regretted that prediction.


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