Al Horford

Continuing with our draft preview: today we look at our second player of the Florida quartet. Al Horford was a key part to the back-back National Championships for Florida. He averaged 13ppg and almost 10 boards in his junior season. Horford was a very consistent force for the Gators inside. He never wowed anyone with his post up moves, or with his ability to make mid-range jump shots, but he always got it done.

Horford is a very solid defender who blocked about 2 shots per game last year. At 6’10 he has the size to defend NBA players at both the power forward and center positions. He will likely play a lot of power forward, but also has that ability to play center. You have to love his length and athleticism. He will definitely be able to step in next year, and be effective for any team that he is drafted by. He is a smart player who has good passing ability, and as he has proven at Florida is a great “team” player. I don’t really see an ideal comparison for Horford in the NBA right now. I would have to say that he will be a lot like Drew Gooden though. Gooden has more range on his jump shot, but plays very similarly. Horford will need to become a more effective low post player, and also become a better shooter. I see Horford going somewhere in the first 6 picks, and being a solid NBA player for many years to come.


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