Kevin Durant

Today’s draft coverage features is the freshman stud from Texas: Kevin Durant. Durant put up amazing numbers (25ppg and 11rpg) on his way to becoming the Naismith player of the year. His size (6’9) and ability to score from anywhere on the floor made him the most feared offensive player in the country. Many games he carried a young Texas team in a tough Big 12 Conference, and landed them a number 4 seed in the NCAA tournament. What was great about Durant was that you never knew when he was going to break out with one of those 35 point 20 rebound games. Truly impressive that he dominated so much last year. He had that ability to have HUGE games yet he was also very consistent. Durant score 20 or more points in 30 of his teams 35 games last year. That is very impressive.

So what about Durant as an NBA player next year? Well we know that he will be a top 2 draft pick. Either in front of, or directly behind Greg Oden. We know that Durant is an incredible talent as I wrote in the first paragraph, but can he really dominate the Pros like he did the NCAA. The aswer: Probably not. First off Durant will be going up against defenders that can match up with him heighth wise, and quickness wise in the NBA. Something that he didn’t see much of if at all in the college ranks. Also he will likely be asked to be a star at a young age, which can be both good or bad. I feel like he will have too much on his shoulders too soon, and not be able to live up to the billing that he made for himself at Texas. At the same time part of me says that Durant will be a hard worker, and probably improve a lot over his first three years or so. After that he will be a perennial All-Star. He needs to add some upper body stength and quickness to his game. I also think that he could have a better shot selection than he did, and be a better passer. I guess I also need to remember that the kid is only 19 and if he isn’t the franchise guy that everyone is looking for he will have a solid NBA career. Let’s be honest there probably isn’t a perfect fit for this guy on an NBA team right now. Obviously he could fit in with any of the teams drafting in the top 5, but I don’t see one clearcut place for a perfect for Durant. One thing that he will do for any NBA franchise next year is put people in the seats, because everyone is going to want to see what he can do. Even though I am not a Kevin Durant lover I have to tell you I can’t wait to see what he will do either.


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