The NFL Draft

Besides maybe the Masters, LLWS, Womens Half Pipe at the Winter X games, the NFL draft is my favorite thing to watch on TV. The drama, the huge crying men, and watching Mel Kiper try and tread water as he explains why he is currently 0-6 on his predictions are a few of my favorite storylines.

However there are a couple things that just drive me insane about the draft. The first thing being the amount of time each team gets on the clock. 15 minutes is absolutley absurd. I could draft an entire Madden fantasy team, simulate the easy games and find a way to get Vick throwing to T.O. and have the first overall pick in 15 minutes. The Oakland Raiders will be on the clock starting 12:00 on April 28th. They have unoffically been on the clock since May 11 1982 ( Andrew Walters birth) However, they still get 15 minutes. I can’t leave and comeback and miss the awkward handshake and interview between Jemarcus Russel and Stuart Scott so I have to wait, and wait, and wait….and you realize and hour into it the Tampa Bay Bucs are on the clock for the 4th pick.

The second thing I would do about the NFL draft is if you have one of the top 5 picks ( so if your the Raiders, Lions, Browns, Bucs, or Cardinals) you have a 1 page essay contest from the fans to see who gets to make that pick. There are three main reasons why this would work.

1) ABSOLUTELY HUMILIATING TO THE GM. This will send an incredible message that you need to step it up because we are letting a stranger almost decide our next 5 year fate. This is compareable to the high school prom queen dumping her boyfriend and being set up on a blind date with her cousin. If that boy doesn’t get the message that he was not doing his job, he never will. If that GM doesnt put in Bill Bellicek like hours in the office after this, then he doesnt deserve the job.

2) THE FAN WILL BE SCARED SHITLESS. Imagine if Steve Bartmen was told a week before that a fly ball was coming his way do you think he still would of reached up. He has the chance to be a town hero, or Steve Bartman times 10. Imagine if a fan drafted Robert Gallery #2 or let Steven Jackson go to late first round. They will do their homework and they will draft well and #3 …

THEY WONT OVERTHINK. Under no circumstances do you draft a lineman #2( Robert Galley to the offensive jugernauts in Oakland) They will use their minds like a fan. If your an NFL fan your probably a college fan so you see the best prediction of an NFL player, COLLEGE. The fan won’t get to see the combine so he will draft on who plays football the best.

I can see a scout drafting Adrian Peterson for the Arizona Cardinals and a girl in Arizona going ” dont we have a good back.” YES you do. A fan would NEVER draft him or someone like Robert Gallery ( I really liked the pick)

Being from New England having God give Bill, I will never be able to enter this contest. But lets say I won here is how it would go. Jamarcus 1…CJ 2…..AP…3 and BQ….8904590432908 Can someone tell me one game Quinn played in against a good team and you thought ” God I wish he was taking our snaps.” But Peterson’s freshmen year and Calvin Johnson’s career made you pray he would be taking handoffs or catching passes. But what do I know? I’m just a fan.


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