Corey Brewer

Each day for the next however many weeks the Sports Zip will be breaking down one of the many players eligible for the 2007 NBA draft. To start we will go with a 2 time champion gator: Corey Brewer.

The 6’9 swingman averaged over 13 ppg for the champion Gators in the 06-07 campaign, and was the spark plug in the Gators run to their second straight title. He has made himself draft eligible along with his teammates, and will fore-go his senior year.

The stats don’t tell you anything about the tremendous talent that Corey Brewer is. He is most comparable to Detroit Piston Tayshaun Prince. He is long and athletic. Can score from anywhere on the floor anyway that he wants. Keeps the defense honest with his solid perimeter shooting. Is a very good defender, because of his length and athletic ability. Is great in the open floor and knows how to finish around the rim. He most needs to work on his perimeter shooting, strength, and back to the basket scoring ability.

Brewer is a guy who doesn’t mind playing tough defense, and not being the star. He took sort of a backseat role at Florida, and then blossomed when his team needed him most in the NCAA tournament. He can step in and play for any NBA team right away. One of the few guys in the draft who could step in as role players, and do their jobs very well. He will likely be a top 10 pick, but I don’t feel like he will ever be a franchise guy. Teams shouldn’t draft him expecting that either. They should know that they are getting a skilled, and well accomplished player. Who can be a great role player for many teams, and will help any contender get closer to a championship. I see him stepping in and doing the same things that Tayshaun did for Detroit in his rookie year. The best fit for Brewer would probably be a team like Washington. Where he can use his athletic skills as well as stretch the defense a little. All while being a great complement player to Arenas and Jamison. That team could also use a solid shut down defender along side the serviceable defense of Caron Butler. I would love to see a contending team trade up to get Brewer in the draft. I would hate to see Brewer end up in Portland, Atlanta, or Memphis. Just not good fits. Back tomorrow with Mike Conley Jr.


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